Friday, June 28, 2013


Emilio & Maria from Etrala

We spoke with Maria from fashion label Etrala this week, on behalf of on-line boutique Not One Of Many, to ask her some questions about her brand.

“For us it all began in 2011 when Emilio (Maria’s co-founder & partner) and I decided to move to London from Spain to start up an ethical fashion business.” 

Etrala London designs high-end limited and ethical womenswear collections. Etrala is the Spanish word ‘El Arte’ backwards, which translated means ‘For Art.’ Art is exactly what Maria believes her designs are. Wearing them proudly on a daily basis, Maria has taken to posting regular photos of herself to twitter, in different parts of the world in her own clothing. Humbly, Maria tells us the best part of working on Etrala was the first sale.

Etrala’s style icons are Kate Middleton, Livia Firth and Emma Watson. Maria would love to see Kate wearing one of her dresses, or even Olivia Palermo and really pushing the boat out Princess Letizia of Spain. Etrala have recently been notably mentioned in the blogs of ELE France. Now, if it’s good enough for them it's good enough or us!

Being outside helps to motivate the team when working on new designs; however Maria isn't too keen on the British climate.

“Being outdoors [enthuses me] But not in this London weather!”

Maria gets her inspiration for the designs, which are all made of 100% natural fabrics, from vintage fashion. Etrala above all, takes influence from the 1960’s, back when London was swinging and Twiggy was an icon for all ages. Maria in particular likes the mood of this era, and it can be seen clearly through her work (see below.)

Both dresses available on Not One of Many

“I believe we are Ethical, Sustainable, Handmade, Exclusive and Unique. I don't think I am at the point of making huge contributions to the design world just yet, but if I had to say something I would say ‘we are coming back to the local hand craft manufacturing with a modern twist.’"

The brand also has a lovely little blog on their site, along with much more beautiful clothes. Take a look here.

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